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The PASC office provides assistance with the arrangement of special events like visiting lecturers, conferences, faculty meetings, and welcome luncheons for incoming students. This includes coordinating location, catering, media equipment, travel and hotel reservations in conjunction with hosting faculty.

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Policy Update effective July 1, 2022

The campus BFS recently announced new policy changes:

  • Meals & Incidental Expenses - New Limit of $79
  • Continental US Lodging Expenses - New Cap of $275 nightly rate

Prior to travel, please contact the PASC so we can assist you with planning and advise you of documentation requirements.

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If you decide to purchase items on your own and request reimbursement, it is still advised that you check with your department’s Financial Assistant ahead of time to confirm that the purchases are in line with your budget, or you risk incurring non-reimbursable expenses.

To claim reimbursement for allowable items, please submit the ORIGINAL receipt along with a completed and signed copy of the General Reimbursement Request Form to the PASC in room 5206, Mail Code 9640. Please make sure to indicate which fund source should be charged.

For more information and additional forms, please see:

UCOP Reimbursement Policy

Guest/Domestic Traveler Reimbursement Worksheet

Foreign Travel Reimbursement Worksheet

Declaration of Missing Evidence

Business Meeting and Entertainment Reimbursement

General Reimbursement Request Form