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Entertainment Policy for Expenditures for Business Meetings and Other Occasions 


The maximum per-person expenditures for meals and light refreshments furnished by the University may not exceed the following amounts:

  • Breakfast $31.00
  • Lunch $54.00
  • Dinner $94.00 
  • Light refreshments $22.00

*The maximum per-person expenditures listed above include the cost of the food and beverages, labor, sales tax, delivery charges, and other service fees.

For more detailed information about entertainment policies, please visit:

Please use the following form to claim an entertainment reimbursement: Entertainment Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Domestic Travel Expense Policy

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) allows the following maximum expenses for a traveler to spend per day while traveling domestically:

  1. Meals & Incidental Expenses - New Limit of $79
  2. Lodging Expenses - New Cap of $275 nightly rate

For more detailed information about domestic travel policies, please visit:

Please use the following form to claim a domestic travel reimbursement: Domestic Travel Reimbursement (PDF)

If the traveler can not provide an original receipt, please complete the form bellow to attach with a photocopy, scan/picture or bank statement transaction summary of the original receipt:

Declaration of Missing Evidence Form (PDF)

Foreign Travel Expense Policy

Foreign travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the Federal Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances for Foreign Areas published by the Department of State. 

For access to Federal Per Diem Maximums, please visit: (Link)

Please use the following form to claim a foreign travel reimbursement: Foreign Travel Reimbursement Form (PDF)

If the traveler can not provide an original receipt, please complete the form below to attach with a photocopy, scan/picture or bank statement transaction summary of the original receipt:

Missing Evidence Form, Declaration (PDF)

Travel Advancement Request

Travel advances are payments made beofre a trip takes place. Please complete the form bellow and turn in to our PASC staff along with any suppoting documents of the advance being requested:

Travel Advance Form (PDF)

Please complete the form and turn in no more than 30 days before the trip is scheduled. Please note:

1) If the amount advanced is less than the expenses entered on the advance, the traveler can request to be reimbursed the difference (as funds allow)

2) If the advance exceeds the reimbursable expenses, the traveler must write a check payable to UC Regents for the excess

3) The traveler must submit a travel voucher even if he or she is not owed any additional reimbursement - This will require the traveler to complete and sign a regular travel form

For more information on Travel Advance policy, please visit:

List of Forms and Links

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Event Planning

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Student Employment

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