Employment FAQ

I would like to hire a student; what do I do?

The employer must fill out a Request to Hire Form and submit it to the PASC office before the first day of employment.  The student must also come to the PASC office to fill out a hiring packet including documents for PASC records and forms to be submitted to payroll.  A Student Hiring Packet has been compiled – it includes all of the documents required by PASC and the payroll office as well as the Request to Hire Form. To expedite the process, students may print the Student Hiring Packet and begin filling it out before coming to the PASC office.

Note: A person is prohibited from working without some type of appointment (including without salary employees); this is mainly to ensure Workers' Compensation coverage. In addition, any persons not currently employed on campus will need to complete employment documents on or before their first day of employment.

Please have prospective student employees contact the PASC to set up a hiring appointment, which should take approximately 20 minutes. The new employee will be required to provide specific, original forms of identification.  If the employee is not a US citizen, they will also need to provide their visa documents and proof of employment eligibility.

I would like to hire an undergraduate student; what title should I use?

The Student I title is used for this type of employment. This series consists of two Title Codes (4922 for UC students, 4927 for Non UC).

When hiring a graduate student in the Student series, please note the student is employed in a non-academic appointment and the work performed is frequently clerical or manual, but can support academic research projects.

I would like to hire an undergraduate student; how much should I pay them?

In the Student Assistant Series (Title Codes 4922 and 4927), you may hire an undergraduate with an hourly rate at or above the California minimum wage.

I would like to hire an undergraduate student; how many hours can they work?

Most undergraduate workers are hired at 49% time or less.  However, an undergraduate may work up to (but not exceed) 40 hours during any Sunday through Saturday period, without paying them overtime at a premium rate. Note that this includes all employment on campus, so their combined hours may need to be monitored.

Please contact the PASC staff for any employment greater than 49% in order to verify eligibility for holiday pay, vacation and/or sick leave accrual.

I would like to hire a graduate student; what title should I use?

 Whether you choose the Student Assistant title (see FAQ on hiring an undergrad above) or the Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) title depends on the type of work the grad student will be performing.

According to Academic Personnel and the Graduate Division, a GSR (Title Codes 3276 & 3284) is a registered UC graduate student who performs research related to the student's degree program in an academic department or research unit under the direction of a faculty member or Principal Investigator.  The student functions as an active collaborator and/or fundamental contributor to the intellectual content of the research. The appointee to this title must hold a BA/BS degree, must be a full-time registered graduate student, and must have a grade point average of 3.0 or above.

It is the policy of the University to pay fees (GSFR) and health insurance (UC-SHIP) for GSRs as a condition of their employment. General Information can be found at the Graduate Division website and in the Academic Personnel Policies and Procedures-Red Binder.

Prior to hiring a graduate student (regardless of the title), we must verify the student's eligibility for the appointment with their home department. PIs are required to fill out and submit the Request to Hire Form.

What is the maximum a graduate student may work?

During the academic quarter, graduate students may work a maximum of 50% combined employment.   With the approval of their home department, they may be able to work a maximum of 75%.  This approval is granted on a quarterly basis and must be granted before the student begins employment. 

For employment during the inter-quarter and summer periods please see Section IV-2 of the Academic Policies & Procedures- Red Binder.   

Note: Most non-citizen students are ineligible to work greater than 50% during the academic quarter.

How do I get my check deposited directly into my checking or savings account?

Please visit UCOP’s At Your Service Portal .

Click on the icon that reads, "sign into my accounts".


1) Select "New User" on the sign in page

2) You will be taken to the screen "Forgot password - Identify yourself"

3) Use your full Social Security Number and your temporary password is your birthday in the following format (mmddyyyy)

4) Once you've signed in select "direct deposit" and you should be able to set up your account information.


1) Sign in

2) Select "direct deposit"

3) Select "continue" and enter your account information in the fields provided.

Tax Questions

Most questions related to taxes, tax documents and tax filing need to be directed to Accounting, the Internal Revenue Service, or your own Tax Preparer.  Employees who are not US citizens or permanent residents should contact the Office of International Student and Scholars for assistance.

To change your deductions online, go to the “tax withholdings” section under Income and Taxes found at UCOP’s At Your Service Portal.

You will need to sign in by clicking on “Sign in to My Accounts”.

When do I get paid?

Our campus has two pay cycles: Biweekly and Monthly.

Biweekly Pay Schedule:

If you're a Non-Exempt/hourly Staff employee, an undergraduate Student or graduate student employed in an hourly Student appointment title ONLY, you're paid on the Biweekly pay cycle and are required to record your hours worked using the electronic timekeeping, Kronos.


Monthly pay schedule (paid the first of each month):

If you're an Exempt Staff employee, Academic employee, or graduate student employed in an academic student appointment title (GSR or TA), you will be paid on the first of each month. If the first falls on a weekend, you will be paid on the preceding Friday (except for December, which is always paid out on the first working day in January).

Graduate student employees who are concurrently employed in a student academic appointment title (GSR or TA) and an hourly Student appointment title are required to record their hours worked on the Biweekly schedule.


Electronic Timekeeping

Training materials for employees, managers, and faculty managers are now available on the ElectronicTimekeeping website (

For employees, job aids and a manual that covers the basics of using Kronos are available in the employee training section of the Electronic Timekeeping website:  


Non-Exempt Employee Job Aids: 


All Employees 



Where do I pick up my paycheck?

Checks are ready for pick-up in Phelps 5206 after 10 am on payday (1st of the month for monthly paychecks and for biweekly paychecks, see Biweekly Pay Calendar.

To avoid delays or complications associated with paper paychecks, we strongly encourage all employees to sign up for direct deposit (see FAQ above).