Supplies & Maintenance


The mail room for all departments supported by the PASC is located in Phelps 5215.  Campus and official outgoing mail should be placed in the marked mailboxes.  Campus mail should be marked with the proper mail code (a list has been provided next to in-campus mailbox).  Official letterhead, packaging labels and envelopes are located in the PASC office (Phelps 5206).

Mail is picked up before 9:00 am.  Personal mail should not be placed in the mailboxes (even with postage) - it will be returned by mail services.

Note: mail charges are only allowable on certain projects.

Office Supplies

General office supplies are located in Phelps 5206 and 4206 in the metal cabinets near the entrance door. If you take the last item, please add this item to the list of supplies to be ordered. please contact the Financial Coordinator for your department with any questions or requests for office supplies.

Printers & Copiers

If you need assistance with the copier or the departmental networked printer is out (or nearly out) of toner or paper, please notify staff. For equipmemnt on the fourth floor, please see staff in Phelps 4206. For fifth and sixth floor copiers and printers, please see the staff in Phelps 5206 who will assist with troubleshooting any problems and request service if necessary.

Maintenance Requests

Please note that some services require payment (including but not limited to: window cleaning, floor cleaning, painting and blind replacement) while others are covered by building maintenance. If services require payment, they must be approved by department chairs.

Please notify one of the financial staff in Phelps 5206 with requests for maintenance.